Resin & Gravel Driveway Installation Sandhurst

Are you looking for an alternative to tarmac?

Look no further than having a resin bound or gravel driveway designed and installed our installation team here at Outlook Landscapes.

When installing a resin driveway surface a stunning finish can be achieved using different high quality aggregates mixed together with UV resin and hand troweled onto your driveway or hard standing area. Aggregates such as granite and quartz of different shapes and sizes are blended together with a strong UV resin to form a mixture that is sturdy and strong enough to withstand the weight of many vehicles on a driveway. An added benefit of this surface is that the resin bound mixture is so flexible that it can be laid on top of your existing driveway without having to dig it up first (saving you on the additional cost).


Resin & Gravel Surfacing In Sandhurst

Resinbound is quick and easy to install and can be used not only for driveways but also for patios, children’s play areas, entrances, terraces etc. There are a range of colour combinations to choose from, or you can even produce your own unique colour by mixing a few colours together.